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Using Cardi B as an instance, singer Dencia explains why you should live your truth – Instablog9ja

Singer Dencia has explained why you should live your truth, using Cardi B as an instance.

He said you should not let the poor in you make u chew your words in the future. For example, Cardi B said she’ll never fix her teeth. That was the poor in her speaking. Soon as she had a $1, it’s 200 faces later. Live your truth and wait your turn

So many men and women who can’t afford things act like it’s bad, give them $1 lol they’ll buy a new
body & soul but they were out here body [email protected] others.

True self love is identifying what u don’t love and changing it to what u LOVE, don’t let br&ke villians
with del¥sions and illusions make u feel any type of Way, THEY ARE PROTECTING .